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New circular option for creating polygonal fills/slabs etc.

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Why is creating anything circular still awkward?

For all the polygonal elements such as fills, slabs, roofs, meshes etc, there is still not an option to directly create a circular shape or void using the centrepoint as the starting point.

I wish there was new Circular geometry method option in the info box for all polygonal elements that allowed you to create a circular shape directly, and also cut a circular shape directly out of an existing planar element. The various methods for creating a circle should be options that appear in the pet palette, but by default, the first click should select the centrepoint.

This should also be available when using the subtract-from/add-to polygon pet palette option.

There is an option currently in the pet palette that allows you to awkwardly draw a circle by selecting the position of the edge first, THEN the centrepoint, but this seems the wrong way round to me!

Barry Kelly
I agree.
If you have only just placed the first point of your element and you choose the circle by centre method then it should default that point chosen to be the centre point of the circle.

It makes sense that is does not do this if you have already started drawing an edge or two but it would be nice if it could detect when no edges have been drawn yet.


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