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New version of PROJECT2

There is a definite gap in the Project2 toolset to enable objects using multiple Building Materials to display correctly on plan. In Section Views objects are readily displayed using the Building Material section data but on plan we appear tied to a single fill. It would be really useful to have a simple projection option that takes the object data and displays as easily as the Section View. I would like to propose a new version of PROJECT2 with the following syntax based on previous versions:

PROJECT2{5} projection_code, angle, method, cutPlaneHeight, cutLinePen [, backgroundColor, fillOrigoX, fillOrigoY, filldirection]

Where fill details are not specified the the projection will use each of the Building Material fills encountered in the cutting process.

Alternatively AC could add the option to apply the Floor Plan Cutplane Settings to an object placed in the model.
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No, Graphisoft just needs to iron out their bugs.
In theory PROJECT2{4} is enough.
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I hadn't realised it was broken, just assumed it was too complex to work out.
Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)

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