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Objects that everyone uses not in Archicad


Why doesn't Archicad add objects that literally everyone in the US needs for projects. Like commercial 3 bowl sinks. Every single restaurant has one, but no object for it. Sure I can get one from revit city or sketch up but I don't want one that's made out of 1 million lines and polygons that you get with those. I could fill up 3 pages of objects that should be in any cad software by default that Archicad doesn't have. It's frustrating to not have basic objects. There's tons of objects that they do have that don't even exist in real life in that shape. Default doors and windows have sizes set for framing and things that no window has out in the real world. It's like some data entry person just made up numbers to input for defaults. How many projects don't have an electrical box? Not many, yet no breaker box in Archicad. 


P.S. the new forums are garbage. 

Nick DiPietro
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This is the reason I learned gdl. 

My entire library other than furniture is self coded.

I also thought that about the forum. But it's growing on me

Nicola Gardoni

Dear Nick
if you need architectural lighting fixture please see my post:

SIMES S.p.A. (made in Italy) produces outdoor lighting fixtures but some models can be installed also in indoor.
All lcf file are free available on our website and are complete of 3D shape+IES file so the light effect are closed to the reality. Please test them on your project and let me know.

Have a nice day
SIMES S.p.a.

Marc H

Hi gotfish001,

Spot on about the object library.  I use a lot of equipment objects, and though the RFA exchange works well once you get the hang of it, it also leaves one with (sometimes) often large poly count objects. I have a cart with equipment on it and it’s over 2.5MB!  It (and a few objects like it) drove me to commit to PARAMO.  I was impressed by it when it came out, but did not have any time to really delve into it.  This weekend I spent some time with it and produced a cart with wheels and shelves, fully parametric and is only .08MB in size (vs the RFA import equivalent at 1.7MB)! After the first three hours of struggle, I got the hang of it.  Quite remarkable how powerful it is and no coding! (It does help to be good with logic and the like, but that is not much different than scheduling and other skill sets one needs for BIM software.)  

Now, I believe I can use the same object structure for several other objects by duplication and adjustment. There are a couple of challenges: help is limited in any form (a very sparse GS web reference and a few videos) and the object editor is in 1 meter units.  Since the editor only shows a single digit to the right, setting inch values is not as fluid as I would like.    
hope this helps. 

… And yes, the new forum format is a lot less intuitive than before and seems to show a lot of very old information when first coming in (e.g., Most Read is new features in AC14?)

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It would be a big step forward if GS pooled all their OOTB objects globally. I frequently see users with queries about objects that we don't have in the UK version that would be useful to have. We are living in a global economy and products aren't confined to their point of origin anymore. Even if all these objects aren't included in the box, they should at least be made globally accessible for collaboration.

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I don't know about the UK situation, but in the Netherlands we have our local reseller who adds a lot of useful objects to their subscription library. They develop these things themselves in house and are not directly affiliated with Graphisoft, I think.


I do often see questions about missing parts, ponder what they are on about, since it exists and then I notice the 'KM' acronym behing the part, which stands for Keymember and means it is part of their own developed set.


To make a long story longer: I doubt they would hand over these parts for free. They are all in Dutch to begin with and some are probably not useful outside the Dutch/Flanders market, but maybe GS can look into buying out a few of their useful additions for the poor souls who do not live and work in Netherlands or Flanders 🙂


I have to say the generic parts have always appealed to me over having company specific things. As long as I can adjust parameters to get close enough. They seem more versatile!

Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

Nick, could you make that list of Library parts?

If you put together the list, I will make sure to forward it to GS HQ for their consideration.

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