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POLL! Renovation Filters - by Renovation Status / by Issue Organizer

Johan Stinckens

Can we have a poll about this (pun intended) issue on Archicad's Issue Manager?


(previoulsy posted as a reply to Issue Manager improvements )


I have just started using the Issue Manager on one of our recent projects.

Though it is very helpfull to communicate issues in-house to project members (architect, engineer...) it lacks some necessary features to make it the tool it wants/needs to be.


In essence the Issue Manager would/should be the AC RenovationTool+, combining features from Issue Manager with the Renovation Filter Options.


What about adding two radio buttons to the Renovation Filter Settings!

Selecting either of them would display elements' hide/override/show settings based on either the Renovation Status or their status from the Issue Manager/Organizer.


In doing so it would be possible to have views/layouts with elements/components displayed according to their material settings. And the freedom to make more combinations.


Can we have a poll on this?!

Or should one (GS) Just Do It💪😁



Johan Stinckens
BIM Modeller at Atrium Architecten
Archicad user since April 2014 (v17 - v25) - CC iRT i9-12900 - 64 GB / Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 - Windows 10 Pro 64

Other than that it's hiking, camping, climbing.

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