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Param-O Wish

I think we should have a dedicated folder in the Wish Lists for the Param-O tool....
Just to get started:
- I wish param-o had the ability for hotkey definitions
- I wish breaking a node connection in param-o involved only one click or two max
- lets not have to answer a question - come on guys we can do it! .....
- say we click twice on the connection and it disconnects - Oh My that would be amazing!
- profile extrusions on a curved path....
- a full screen editor button in the editor!!!!! or atleast remember the size of the screen i used last time...
- folders in the editor library
- a single click on a node should display the node settings in a node selections settings box off to the side....
- but (and this is important) it should not force me to close the selection settings to continue working with the nodes ...
- remember the power of an amazing editor!!!
- dont get the GDL team to build the editor, they need to build their own.
- how do we keep track of very complicated code
- the basic idea is good, but becomes overwhelming on complicated objects. I don't have solution ..... but i know you guys are really smart on this.
THANK YOU for your effort Worker Bees ....
To Management ---> Lets get this done. Param-o could be be best thing Archicad ever did. Lets do it.
Please don't leave this to be nothing more than a sales pitch.
Gary Ford
Self Employed - Modeling, Estimating, Construction
Archicad 12-25
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16.0 GB ram

Karl Ottenstein
I've moved this wish to the "Open Archicad Wishes" section which covers "GDL language and objects". I agree with could have some better wish organization in the future. But do note, that the wish forums are generally for a single wish with a voting poll - not a long list of items, valuable as that feedback must be to Graphisoft. Graphisoft had asked for PARAM-O feedback in a discussion thread elsehwere:

One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.1, iMac Pro

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