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Pen shape /different tips (square/round) in true line weight

The wish is to make it possible to change pen shape to square (now it's only possible to use round)

I'm currently struggling through this issue - because of rounded pen shape in Archicad, in true line weight there are spottable rounded corners. While in most of architectural drawings it's not so important (although it's not a right way according to classical rapidograph methods logic), it's visible and misleading if you use very thick lines (like 0.7-1,4 - often required in urban planning).

I am aware of existing solutions - reshaping fills, using GDL obj, walls with black fill etc. But it's still not a good solution especially when you work on very huge areas or have to cooperate with different software, that can read lines properly, but not walls or fills (eg when you import .dwg)

This is already solved in AutoCAD, where you can change shape of a pen. If they have it, Archicad can have it too

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ArchiCAD 16 * Windows XP & Vista 32bit & Win8 64bit
*AMD 8150 FX*AMD Radeon 7970*8Gb ram

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