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Permanent Guide Lines - create new guide line relative to ex

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Thank you for the permanent guide lines. After positioning a guide line how can I place another guide line at a given distance parallel to the first. If I move it nothing stays behind. If I grab another one from the side - place it on top and then move it they both move (or the one cancels the other out). I have read through the help center and don't see anything that deals with this. I have also tried various combinations with the ctrl, cmd and shift keys to no avail.

Eduardo Rolon
Use CMD+Drag and type the distance just like you would do for a wall.
eduardo rolón AIA NCARB
Another of the forum moderators.
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Stress Co_
Hover over the Guideline until the orange ball appears.
Drag the ball and press the alt/option key
so the + sign appears. It'll drag a copy.
Marc Corney, Architect

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Got it - thank you Eduardo. And I also learned that you can Cmd-D + alt on the fly with walls. I have only ever selected them first and then typed Cmd-D + alt - which I couldn't do with the guide line

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Even better - thank you Marc

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