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Please add "Show/Hide Attribute Palette" command to toolbars

Anton Kazmin

The new Attributes palette of AC26 is a 35-years-in-the-making update. It is a long awaited addition.


However, there is no command to Show/Hide this palette. It should be added to the list of other Show/Hide commands, as it is very useful to have this palette docked in the interface and have a toolbar button to call it.


Screenshot (49).png



I don't know if the Archicad English version doesn't have the button. But I have (german version).
Just type attribute on the search bar ?




Don't you just love consistency?

Most other dialogues and palettes are show/hide but not attribute manager, attribute palette, graphic override combinations, renovation filter options (although renovation palette is show/hide) and maybe a few others.



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OK now I understand what you guys mean...

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