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Prevent locked objects from being selectable

Tomek Piatek
When working with a busy model it is often difficult to select the right object/element. Tabbing through the available selection candidates sometimes doesn't work and it takes a bit of zooming in and out to finally get at the right thing.

Other times we have some objects whose shape and position has been set and locked and they won't change. Selecting those elements doesn't make sense most of the time.

It would be really helpful if there was a way to disable selection of locked items. This of course would be a toggle option of the selection process.

ArchiCAD 23
Windows 10 Pro

Ok, you have your toggle, what happens if you want to unlock the Locked element?
Apple iMac macOS Monterey / AC25UKI (most recent builds)

i think this would be very useful. This happens to me a lot with section markers and overhead slabs. If im working on a specific floor i want to select that floor slab first, not the one above. Also, I dont want to be turning on and off stuff just so i dont select them or worse, creating new layer combos just for this. Maybe a selection hierarchy list could be useful

Barry Kelly
jl_lt wrote:
Maybe a selection hierarchy list could be useful

A pop-out list of selectable elements might be a nice idea.
But for now you can cycle through them with the TAB key.
The element you are about to select will pre-highlight with its info in the pop-out info box.


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Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Moderator
Graphisoft Moderator
Hi All,

Thank you very much for creating this poll, and for those of you who voted to express their opinion.

I am happy to say this wish has been recorded in our WishList database already (please refer to it in the future as Wish #11816). Hopefully, our Product Management team will adopt this one in the future.

Thank you all once more, and I wish you a great day!

Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

Hi! two years are gone already, but this function is still not available...i'm working on a project where the terrain mesh is gigantic and locking the specified layer is not enough...every single mouse click will select the mesh and as you can image, is impossible to work on it!! please make it happen!!

For this reason I generally work with the terrain mesh layer off, or with it on it's own story.

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yes of course, but in a certain moment i have to switch on the layer...and is a mess only moving the cursor...

Nader Belal
Personally, I´m more in favour with Barry's Opinion.

To @Tomek Piatek,
Have you tried selection using schedules ?? Or Selection by filters ??
A good friend of mine have once told me that I´m so brute that I´m capable of creating a GDL script capable of creating GDLs.

Not applicable
Barry’s idea of a pop out listing the elements has been in AutoCAD for quite a while and from my use I feel is slower than tabbing through elements like in Archicad


I think that what Mr. Tomek is talkin about is that sometimes you have something in your drawing or view that is already set and should not move again, but you still want to keep seeing it while working yet it actually interferes with your selections everytime you click on it (section markers with distance are particularly cumbersome on this). So i think what he is asking for isa n option to remove locked objects out of the selection cycle without turning them off. Personally i would find this quite useful

Tomek Piatek
DGSketcher wrote:
Ok, you have your toggle, what happens if you want to unlock the Locked element?
You toggle the toggle so that you can select locked elements 😉


ArchiCAD 23
Windows 10 Pro

Karl Ottenstein

It's too bad that the poll is gone (it is on the old archicad-talk forum), but at least according to Minh this is #11816 in the wishlist database...


I find tabbing fine...but I, too, would like locked elements not to show up in the tab sequence = the original wish of locked being not selectable.


It seems to me (at his moment anyway) that the only reason to 'select' a locked element would be to use it to populate the Find & Select fields... but that can be done with the eyedropper.  And speaking of the eyedropper, that could still be used to pick up the tool and element settings even if the locked element could not be selected just by eyedropping over a hotspot... which is a non-selecting operation.  Similarly, drawing a selection marquee around elements that include locked elements should just ignore the locked elements.  At least that's my interpretation of the 2 year old wish, which I think would be useful. 🙂


And, then the issue of needing to select to unlock... as Tomek said, you untoggle the 'locked elements are selectable/or not' toggle .... which I see as being very similar to the 'suspend groups' button.  I could see an icon of a padlock with hotspots around it for the locked items are/are not selectable.


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This is one of the things that bewildered me the most when I started with Archicad.

I think AC is the only program to ever have this quirk. Very unnatural, I have to say. Also makes the onboarding process for new users difficult.

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