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Program Feedback: On Screen Display - 'lvl up' OSD (bonus point) text

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Remember the good old days when you played a game and suddenly on the screen appears that you have reached the next level or when you collected enough coins the message shows that you have earned a new life.

When working in Archicad (25, now on 24) it would help a lot if there was such an on screen display option.

Working on a multistory appartment complex or a big skyscraper shifting from one story to the other will occur a lot. In combination with the (default) hotkeys this can be done very quick which is great in Archicad. Where Archicad procedure becomes a bit tedeous is with the mentioned examples. When you change from a story to the other, you want to make sure that you are on the right one withoout hesitation. But the stories all look the the same, making it more difficult. You could look at the navigator or even at the tab title and the info will be there. But this is an unnecessary step. You could even use the navigator to switch and with this method there is no problem of not knowing which story is in the active view. This process is a bit slower and not in line with the faster shortcut procedure. The shortcut is also preferable if you travel along the stories for compariosn. Which can be done in Archicad, and like it was said > This is great !! >> And would even be better with an OSD info, on screen text info wirh the story name when switching.

>>> When implemented this could be used for other program functions. Making Archicad even greater.

(You could also ask game developers about interactive operations. They are masters in interaction and intuitive usage. Archicad is not so great as mentioned with this matter but could be (on some parts it is there but on the total it is not). As newby with limited knowledge I can say this with no blurred view of all the possibilities that are already possible.)

Matt Balaam
This is a great idea! Archicad already has the OSD built in for undo/redo and various other tasks so it would make sense for this to happen.

Another case where this would be useful, I have up/down stories mapped to side scroll on my mouse for even faster jumping between stories. If someone else uses my computer (often during training) they can easily push the scroll wheel sideways by accident and jump a story with no idea of what just happened. The OSD would give a good visual cue as to what happened.
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