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Project info available in 3D GDL context

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The project info variables should be available in the 3D gdl context. Right now the project info variables can be used in the 2D context like this:
but in the 3D GDL context this doesn't work. It would be great if it could be fixed.

This relates to this question on ArchiCAD talk:

I had almost forgotten about this issue. I have since run into a similar issue with trying to get the scale of a drawing and using that to change text on a scale bar.

The problem is, as F. Beister mentioned in the related thread, the autotext command is substituted in the 2D environment, not in the GDL script. So until AC has to display the text, it remains as <DRAWING_SCALE>. Trying to manipulate it, e.g removing the first two characters of 1:100, results in RAWING_SCALE> being displayed.

Ultimately it seems the best solution would be to create request functions for all of the auto text features, similar to labels requesting attributes of the elements they are attached to. This would allow use in 3D and for the text to be manipulated for other uses.

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Barry Kelly
I know there aren't many votes on this yet but I really hope that GS will do something about it.
I have wanted to use this info in the past and have had to find other ways of doing it (i.e. reading & writing to text files or Library Globals in Model View Options).
Project info doesn't just have to relate to client name, address, etc., but custom fields could be used for all sorts of things.


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Hi. It is 2016 we have a new powerful Archicad 19 but I stil cannot make this work. Isn't there still any way how to make autotext working in 3D? If the content is available in all other scripts cannot it be at least somehow broken into a "dumb text" and saved as a local parameter in master script or something?


Nader Belal
I would prefer 2 modifications to this request:
1. The ability to see autotext value or container name in the previews windows
2. To it be available in 2D/3D/ Ui script
A good friend of mine have once told me that I´m so brute that I´m capable of creating a GDL script capable of creating GDLs.

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