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Proper handling of image transparency

Currently, there is no full support for alpha channel in image files. If we import a semi-transparent PNG to the plan view or layout, ArchiCAD interprets white pixels as transparent and all the rest as non-transparent. This obviously doesn't let us stack a semi-transparent image over any other content and retain smooth transitions. Also, current solution leads to unwanted situations when we turn on transparency in Figure's settings and any white area is cut off, even when we meant it to be opaque.
The only other program that I know, that is as bad in transparency handling as ArchiCAD, is MS Paint.
Please, Graphisoft, add full support for image alpha channel to ArchiCAD.

In the top - how it looks.
In the bottom - how it should look...

...after pasting this image:
ArchiCAD 25

Windows 10

Karl Ottenstein
Einstein96 wrote:
Currently, there is no full support for alpha channel ...
Actually, there has never been even partial support for alpha channels. I would vote essential for your wish... (Please describe the issue in terms of image files, rather than bitmaps though please.)

Yes, unfortunately, you have to add the poll questions to your original post. Click on the gear icon to the right of your name for that post to display the menu, and then click Edit Post. Then, click on the "Poll creation" tab... to the right of the Options tab below your post content.
One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.6, iMac Pro

Thank you for your feedback, Karl.
So I edited the post and I encourage everybody to vote
ArchiCAD 25

Windows 10

Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Moderator
Graphisoft Moderator
Hi All,

Thank you very much for creating this poll, and for those of you who voted to express their opinion.

I am happy to say we took notice of this wish and I have added it to our Wish List database (please refer to it as Wish #13056). Hopefully, our Product Management team will adopt this one in the future.

Thank you all once more, and I wish you a great day!

Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

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