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Real 3D Ground Floor

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coming from Revit years ago, I still cant believe that the AC Ground Floor ist supposed to be a 2D View. I honestly wish that it will finally become a true 3D View like Sections/Elevations and.....the 3D Window. With all the natural benefits for example:
- shadows directly in Ground Floors without the need of the not so useful "3D Document from Ground Floor"
- Possibility to easily define areas, in which we can alter Ground Floor View Range to our likings to see (all) things above or below the current ground floor
- True Sense of Height

I'm not sure it will be really beneficial. Because architectural plan it is typically mixture of 3D projections and 2D symbols. This is why floor plans are so important in ArchiCAD and every element has its 3D geometry parameters and separate 2D floor representations.

Features that you describe you can get using 3D document - I don't see noting wrong using them.

I sometimes wish you could script a 2D section for some objects so that if they get cut you can get the detail without inflating the poly count...

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