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Reserve Objects while in Settings Dialog

One conflict I run into every now and then that's really annoying is sometimes I forget to reserve an object(s) in a shared project but I'm still able to open the Settings Dialog and adjust the settings. But if one of the objects is unreserved, it won't allow the settings change until the Settings Dialog is closed, which means losing the settings, then the objects can be reserved but the settings have to be reentered. The tough part about this is there is no easy warning that tells me I'm working on non-reserved objects and that my effort in changing the settings _will_ go to waste until the very end when I try to close the box and it gives me the error warning. By then I've already done all the work. This might be different if it gave me the error before I made the settings changes but the way it works it's not until I'm done.

It would be nice to be able to reserve selected objects while in the Settings Dialog without having to discard the settings made. Maybe a dedicated button would be the easiest. Or less desirable would be to lock all the settings in the Setting Dialog if any object that's selected is unreserved to warn the user of the conflict.
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Erika Epstein
have you tried saving a favorite?
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Karl Ottenstein
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I think I get why you're asking that.

But like the other day I had to select some slabs to change their settings. I selected a whole bunch of stuff that I wasn't even going to work on but I know if I select a slab last, the slab settings will be in the info box and I can open the Settings Dialog from there and change all the selected slab settings at once and AC will ignore all the other selected items. I did this and made my changes but some text I had selected was unreserved and I had to discard those previous setting changes to unselect the unreserved items.

This wouldn't have happened if there was a button that reserved all currently selected items or the settings were locked telling me there was a conflict before I made the changes. Or if there was a reserved object conflict with some one else reserved items, the button would error and the teamwork pallet would open above the Settings Dialog so that conflict could be resolved.
AC16, BUILD 4010, Win 7pro, Asus G50vt x5 (P7450 2.13ghz, Nvidia 9800GS 512meg (, 4gigs 800ghz)

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