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Rotate View

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Is there still no way to rotate the 2d view while you are working for non orthogonal building areas?

I've never missed this "feature" and I've done lots of non orthogonal stuff. Just rotate the grid if you have to, or set up custom angle constraints. Not to poo-poo your wish, and maybe I don't know what I'm missing, but I'm just not missing this.
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Thinking back to drafting days, I can still hear my professors telling us do this from time to time. You see your design from a new perspective/angle. You see 'errors' that your eye/brain got used to seeing and your brain then forgets to remind you to 'fix that'. Or things that you hadn't noticed. Our brains 'fill-in' the geometry on the screen and seeing errors, mistakes, what doesn't work is harder than the old hand-drawings.

These days you print out what you are doing and turn the print around to directions that don't match your screen. OR on screen you can look at your building in the in 3D window from directly over-head and orbit around.

Yes, it would be nice to be able to rotate one's project on the screen.
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No! Not possible! I miss this feature very much! I would trade it for much of the silly "new features" which appeared in the latest versions!

Wished many times - not much interest in it from the users! I suppose it will never be introduced in AC! You cannot appreciate a new thing unless you try it! My father still thinks air-conditioning in cars is not needed! Temperature gets up to 40 degrees in his town in the summer!

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that is a great function, too bad it isn't in archicad. microstation has it, and what help it was. though autocad doesn't have it outright, it's easy to simulate the feature by rotating the normal.

I'm agree . it's very important
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