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For the last couple of months I have been taking part into two efforts to get better, photo-realistic, faster 3D output from my Archicad workflow. One, is testing the excellent Corona Renderer, as a plugin for Archicad, which I feel is extremely promising and I look forward to signing up when it comes out matured.

The other, is Blender 2.8 Alpha/Beta. It is proving to be a very solid, capable, and open source solution for many small practices. For the needs of any small practice, or even medium ones, Blender is more than capable of being a complementary Archviz solution, even more when Eevee is taken into account. Unlike 3DMax it has full open documentation and is open source. Right now I am using the 3DM format as an in-between solution to getting the Archicad files to Blender, as it does carry on the lamp information, unlike the FBX export solution. But now Blender has IES native support for lamps.

So, wishlist side of things, I am not sure I am alone on this one, but a Blender export from Archicad that could export the project is right now pretty much my top wish on my archicad wishlist.
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