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Save Object from bits in PLAN

Please, please, please allow us to save bits from the plan as an object WITHOUT THE FREAKING GROUPING....

I do a bit of HYBRID object making where I want to manipulate the code after saving objects...

This is virtually IMPOSSIBLE with the code gets generated with all that GROUPING crap!...

Maybe its a TOGGLE during the SAVE AS OBJECT that says... INCLUDE GROUPING... (checkbox)...

Thought for today, anyway...

(also, please allow us to assign a SUBTYPE while saving... Bugger having to save a light as an object, then go change it back to a light)...
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ArchiCAD uses GROUP command while saving GDL because of solid element operations.
If you would have possibility to switch off this GDL "style" - then all SEO would be unavailable.

Unfortunately automatically generated scripts very often have a lot of "crap", that human would never write.

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