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Schedule Units

It's about time we could set the units for a schedule according to view. It can be confusing and ugly to have information displaying in metres/feet when they need to be shown in millimetres or inches for example with smaller components. There also situations for example where metres / feet are more appropriate for example on floor areas. This has been a long running problem that really needs fixed and could possibly be addressed by the schedule adopting the dimensioning standard when displaying the output.
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There are 3 sets of units:
1. "drafting/modeling" units (to be set via options>project preferences>working units)
2. "dimensioning" units (to be set via options>project preferences>dimensions) - those are view dependent
3. "scheduling" units (to be set via options>project preferences>calculation units and rules)

If You set all properly, the problems will be gone.

Best Regards,

There are situations where this doesn't work in the graphical schedules.

The problem I have on my current project means I have to choose between showing my room schedule with perimeters in millimetres when the volume and area are in metres or showing the wall thickness in my door schedule in metres when everything else is in millimetres because the wall thickness is tied to the calculation units.

Maybe this is more of a bug, but it would help if GS tidied up some of these inconsistencies. I'm not even sure why we have separate calculation units?
Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)

Barry Kelly
I agree there are times when you want different schedules to use different calculation units.
It would be handy if the calculation units could become a schedule setting rather than a project preference.


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Or maybe a view dependent? I mean the views with the schedule inside with different units?
I would vote important on that.

Best Regards,

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