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Schedules VIEW Setting Should have LAYER control

Please, oh please, put the LAYER back into the Schedule Saved Views. Right now, with a bunch of schedules, I tend to use the CLONE feature... But I cannot alter the LAYER COMBO once a schedule VIEW is created.. so it's stuck with the original layers... Even tho I can GET CURRENT WINDOW SETTINGS and it DOES change the greyed out layer combo to the current schedule windows, upon closing and re-opening it is back to that original layer settings..

I am not sure WHY the layers are STUCK on the first set anyway... This should have been an editable option regardless.

(This is AC16... not sure if it's fixed in 17)...

Just to review, I need layer control for these reasons...

1. Going back and forth from plan to schedule, I need an appropriate set of layers to remain

2. While working in schedule, I need appropriate layers SHOWING and UNLOCKED (to edit elements)..
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Been one of my bug bears for years, but never got around to trying to fix it! Good topic! Thanks
Warwick Lloyd-Martin
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Vfrontiers, thanks for raising this issue, as I have the same problem in AC16.

If anybody could answer this question, whether this issue has been addressed in v 17 or 18, it would be a great help.

Thanks, and Cheers,

Barry Kelly
I have raised this as a bug with Graphisoft in the past.
Although we don't need layers in schedules (that is why they are greyed out) we don't need the schedule to change the current layer combination when we run the schedule.
It either needs to be ignored ore unlocked so we can change it.
I have no idea if or when this will be fixed though.
Testing is closed at the moment and I can't access the bug report forum.


One of the forum moderators.
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Just been wrestling with this, having added IFC items to the Schema I've found the best way to get round it is to go to the 3D window, turn everything on and unlock, then use the "Goto" context menu to go back to the schedule to edit it.

I think the schedule should respect locked layers, but it should also be possible to unlock them from the quick settings pallet without having to go to a different workspace.
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Geof Gainer
Infuriating! Never happened to me before. Fix for 16??
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Can you not just define/redefine your schedule's view settings by getting them from the plan window?

Just change the layer combo in plan and go to the schedule view settings and hit 'Get Current Window's Settings'.

Or am I missing something?


I've done all that in the past and it does NOT change the saved view... I had been using CLONES for schedules... Maybe if I did a ONE OFF view?

I have simply tried to force myself to go the to PROJECT map to get the schedules ... It's a hard habit to break not selecting in layout and hit the OPEN SOURCE View...

Curious, did you try the GET WINDOWS SETTINGs? and did it work for you?

Seems a whole bunch easier for GS to just allow that to be changed in the view settings...
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DellXPS 4.7ghz i7:|: 8gb GPU 1070ti

Geof Gainer
All my schedules work just fine except in this one old project that I exported some newer schedules to. So it's no big deal making a workaround for just this one project:

1 Give all objects in that schedule an Element ID prefix,
2 Set that up in Scheme Settings, and
3 Take out the scheme setting about layers.

In schedule View Settings, btw, Layer Combination is greyed out. If I start in plan with the right layers on, then Go: Last Schedule and open View Settings, Layer Combination has reverted to All Off (which happens to be the first in my list of Layer Combinations), and it's still greyed out.
AC fan since v 7. Currently on AC 25 Build 5010 USA FULL,. 2022 Mac Studio, 32G ram. OS X 12.4

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this has been a bug for as long as I can remember.

I just had to re-save all the schedules in the view map and link the ones in the layout book.

This would be simple if layers weren't grey out and could be changed.

I don't hold my breathe for a fix though.

I agree. For me this is especially frustrating when I'm trying to use my window schedule to view all the same size windows in 3d. If my layers don't show the windows when saved, I can't make a change in the schedule, or view them in 3d!

Of course, you could just make sure to re-save your view setting of the schedule once created, but having layer control would solve the problem much better.
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Sorry to revive this topic in case it was fixed for v19 (I doubt though). This is a massive inconvenience.

I imagine it's a very simple fix for Graphisoft to allow layer combination change in schedules. My guess is that GS didn't see the benefit of having a layer combo assigned to a schedule and hence disabled this option.

Reading through this topic it is clear to see it's an essential need. Please fix.
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I agree that this issue needs to be fixed. It should be a priority fix in ArchiCAD for GS to attend too to show they are actively supporting user feedback form advanced users.

I note this thread was started 3 years ago.

Doesnt seem too important to them. Perhaps they are working on some new feature that has limited impact on the time it takes to pull together a set of complex and content rich documents.

If I was GS I would be doing studies on and recording command clicks within large documentation projects. Studying it and reviewing how settings can be speed up so that the interface can be streamlined. There would surely be numerous instances where improvements could be made. LESS TIME MAKING DOCUMENTS = MORE PROFIT FOR USERS. IT ALL ADDS UP in large 20 sheet plus drawing sets. Im involved in 100+ some projects would be 500+

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