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Schedules - ease of creation

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One thing I did learn from my short experience with revit is that of its scheduling ability. The ease of creating and editing schedules for any element (toilet accessories, doors and windows, parking, drawing lists, finishes, etc.) really saves a lot of time. Also to know that coordination of the schedules is up-to-date is of primary importance.

I wish that the scheduling setup would be made more intuitive and flexible. I would like to be able to easily set up schedules for any of these items. This would really help in the day to day CD work.

Karl Ottenstein
Could you describe how Revit makes things easier than the Interactive Scheduler in 8.x? The I.S. seems (mostly) fine to me, but I'm used to using database tools ... if Revit is easier and equally powerful, I'd like to see an example so I'd know whether I agreed with your wish.

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I am not trying to advocate using revit. I've tried that. ArchiCad's design flexibility and other benefits (in my opinion) offer many more benefits than anything else. Scheduling is one of the things during cd's that is so tedious.

Revit designates what categories objects are in such as; light fixures, parking spaces, finishes, bathroom accessories etc. They cannot be crossed or switched to other categories. When setting up a schedule it is very much like in ArchiCad, except that it is easy to designate which objects are to show because the program already categorizes them. Creating a new schedule can be done in a matter of minutes.

I would like to be able to be able to set up any schedule I need quickly. Such as a room finish schedule, etc. I don't like to create needed schedules with lines and text that have been copied and pasted. Just make the process of setting up the interactive schedule more simple and direct. Maybe I just need to be shown the light and don't understand it well enough yet. I quess you can tell I am in the throws of going through the schedules for a project

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