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Search Criteria in Schedules Plus more details on composites

We have established a large range of composites to deal with the varying and complex conditions that arise for external and internal walls as well as for floors and roofs.

Surface Areas and Selection Criteria
At the moment if we want to obtain surface area data for one particular layer in the composite (in our case, Cross laminated Timber, for example) we can only obtain the volume of that particular part of the composite after we have defined a search which specifically calls out that material AND specifically lists ALL of the various composites containing that CLT material.

At present we have to explicitly list each composite where the solid CLT material resides. This is a laborious and error-prone task to say the least. It would be far better if we were able to select a Composite by having the ability to select "contains" or "begins with" or "ends with" instead of just the "is" or "is not" that exists today.

More Geometric Properties (not line weights or colors!) of Composite Skins
When the report is run for the Composites selected above, we have the volume of the "skin" in question listed but not the thickness of the CLT "skin". So we have to export the report to Excel and add some items and formulas for calculating the surface area (square footage or square meters) of the "skin" in question. Is there any way that we can get at the actual surface area of the skin volumes contained in a Composite other than having to resort to cumbersome Excel files?

Get Rid of the ' " ' mark after numbers meant to be in inches.
One last peeve...is there anyway that your schedule formatter can quit putting small quote marks after a number that is meant to be in inches? When Excel reads this it reads the numbers as text so formulas do not work. Maybe the report formatter can contain descriptive text as to what units the numbers are mean to be in?

Thank you

Phil Allsopp
Transpolis Global, USA Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona USA

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