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Selection Marquee

Multi-Story Mode of Section Marquee to have ability to define a Story Section Range and simultaneously the ability to Omit Story Selection Range.

Could work similar to the Divisions control thingy.
Default setting could be Select All (to function as it currently does).

Example: I want to affect stories 2 to 8 but omit stories 4 to 5. Or to just omit a single story set the range from 4 to 4.

Then again maybe an additional options of dealing with specific stories not in sequence should be figured out too.

Maybe you have other ideas about this.

Maybe have checkboxes in your story settings window for walls to be affected (and a check-all and uncheck-all button)? That could work.
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Sergio wrote:
checkboxes in your story settings window...check-all and uncheck-all button...
The concept sounds simple and flexible.

However try this, click on your marquee tool and notice that big empty Info Box.
Wouldn't it be better to have a Story List and Check Box interface appear in this palette? Avoiding a trip to the Story Settings dialog box.
The list showing the User defined names of the stories, not simply the generic number/story routine.

You also said "walls" in your comment. It makes me wonder if there should also be a check box interface similar to the story dialog boxes copy/paste so one could determine which items are affected with having to lock or turn off layers.

Then I suppose there is value in being able to save named sets of what is checked for various situations.

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