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Showing timber studs and plates through composite walls...


I want to make sections and elevations that show the layout of the timber frame that I created. However I cant quite get them to show up when my composite wall is in place.

I can pull the wall down, and timber frame layout is there

I can delete the wall, and the timber frame layout is there...

I appreciate anyone help. TY.




In addition, the timber frame will not show even when toggling off exterior walls and columns and beams are on...

Karl Ottenstein

I'm not sure why you are surprised that a wall would hide what is embedded inside of it?  If you have created timber framing that you need to present in drawings, then isn't it sufficient to generate those views with only the timber framing layer turned on?


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The composite wall skin where the frame is positioned needs to be a low strength material for it to be displaced by your frame which should be stronger. To show properly the composite skin should also be a transparent surface material e.g. Air. Also check that Transparency is turned on in your Section settings.

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So youʻre saying that now that the timber is "embedded" in the wall, that the timber framing would be considered along with the exterior walls layers?? 

The composite walls that I built are solid, with insulation in between. I thought that I could just build on top of the timber frame that I created and it would just be considered an entirely different member...

I also lowered its junction order. 

To no avail...

You are placing two or more elements occupying exactly the same space (wall and framing elements).

Certain elements with automatically trim each other, like a column or beam will trim away a wall, but others don't.

Junction order will only affect how one wall trims to another wall at an end junction.

You didn't say how you created the framing.


In plan, you may have to play around with 'display order' to see what you want if you are trying to show the wall and framing elements at the same time.


If they are in different layers, there should be no problem showing a framing plan/elevations - just turn the wall layer off leaving the framing.





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Assuming your studs are on a different layer to everything else, you could create a Layer Combination with the stud layer having a different Intersection Group to your walls. This will prevent your walls from trimming your studs if that is what is happening.

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Hi TY, hope they can consider your request above but this is how I would attempt it for now.


Thank you very much to the video made by “Applecore Designs” please see how he does it.


Should show up in elevations as well but in cross section you would probably need to create 2D cross boxes to represent the plates and noggings cut by the cross section plane.


We should be able to have the wall framing on its own particular layer and be able to turn it off or on and to be able to show it in any view as desired.


We can definitely do it in Chief Architect and build 3D framing and it shows up in cross sections as well by just turning framing layers off and on.


Re: Archiframe add on for the same price as another license of Archicad ? Whoa ! I don’t think GS would be adding those things you want above for free. That’s why I recommend using the method above unless you have a timber framing manufacting plant that you need to facilitate ?

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Although all of these made sense and were helpful and, didnʻt really help me solve the problem . I ended up changing the intersection priority on the materials found in my composite, in this case, it  was the insulation. Which some of these lead me to.

Options-> Building Materials-> Intersection Priority 

Now I can see the framing I embedded INSIDE of my composite. 

If this path was what anyone meant, thanks again for your time. 

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