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Simple adding pictures to an GDL-Object for the UI..

It would be one of my big wishes at Graphisoft to build a simple possible way to add pictures to existing elements - because if you are working deep in the developing process - it is simply not possible to know all pictures you will need later in Your new gdl - UI.

The ideas for the IU are coming later in this programming-process.

There is a possibility to add pictures later over xml-converter - but there is not much "support" ore "documentation" from Graphisoft at this option - for simle minds like mine.

There should be some sort of button in the GDL-programming enviroment to add pictures directly!

Also it should be possible to delete inserted pictures - when not needed any more (to save ram) - some sort of picture-library editing..
AC5.5-AC25EduAut, PC-Win10, MacbookAirM1

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