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Simple maths calcs in numerical input fields of Settings

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Whenever there is a numerical input field, e.g. width, depth, height, etc, I'd like the simple ability to enter the value as a simple mathematical formula, so I don't have to do this outside of the program (with a calculator or in my head).

For example, in a Settings dialog, this would allow me to easily adjust a value relative to it's existing value:

Length : W [519]

could be altered like this:

Length : W [519+58]

instead of having to calculate and enter the sum manually:

Length : W [577]

Currently, if I add +58 to a field, after 2 seconds of no keystrokes, it just disappears and reverts to the original value. And the Reverse Polish Notation doesn't work either.

No dynamic variables ( like having the height always 2 x the width) - just simple + - / * operators would be fine.

Barry Kelly
Try doing it back to front.

Select (highlight) the number (519) then type 58+ (or minus).

Works for addition and subtraction but not multiplication and division.
Should work in most numerical input fields (track, info box, co-ordinate palette, etc.).


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Not applicable
Unfortunately, the RPN doesn't work in the Settings dialog.

But I guess implementing it in the Settings dialog as RPN would be more consistent.

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