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Sketch-Up importer for ArchiCAD13

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We need to have the ability to import sketch-up V7 objects into ArchiCAD 13. There is a wealth of objects, including parametric ones, available for sketch-up and it is the easiest method for creating custom objects if you do not have GDL capabilities (which is most of us.) The Goggle warehouse plug-in dose not work correctly. It triangulates all of the planes from the sketch-up model and creates unusable 2d(elevation) and 3d images of the object with to many lines. Plus, you would have to post your own objects to the warehouse just to be able to import them.

ArchiCAD needs to workout the interface with sketch-up so we can get clean usable objects from sketch-up. this would allow us to tap into all the content and objects being created there, because there is very little content being created by manufactures and others as GDL objects.

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Mac users have no way of using SketchUp or Google Earth without running windows or investing in Sketchup Pro. Being able to use Google Earth and all the objects in the 3D library would be very useful to me.

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