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Sketch renderings of floorplans

I hope I'm posting in the right place, please move this post if I'm in the worng category.

I would like the ability to do sketch renderings of floorplans and not just 3D views. I don't believe there is currently a way to do this. Is this a reasonable request?
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Karl Ottenstein
Well, you know, the one thing you can say about ArchiCAD is that if there isn't a direct way of doing something, there's almost always an indirect way. 😉

The attached shows a quick (no time taken to adjust params) sketch engine image for a floor plan. Vintage 52 defaults.

Someone else gave this tip on the old escribe ac-talk so long ago I can't recall who it was to acknowledge them:

-Display the plan as you want to have it sketched.

-Save as DWG.

-From File > GDL open the DWG as a GDL object.

-Place the object, select it, and view it in 3D. You'll see your plan as 3D linework.

-Finally, adjust your camera to a top view and generate your sketch render.


Also, see Cigraph's ArchiSketchy add-on:

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Stress Co_
...or buy Archisketchy.


Opps, just read the rest of Karls post. Someone delete me please.
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Paul King
... or embrace and acknowledge the medium you have selected artistically, and do not attempt to use it to fake another medium...?
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Paul wrote:
... or embrace and acknowledge the medium you have selected artistically, and do not attempt to use it to fake another medium...?
ha! well said!

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I have used cutting planes and shown only the appropriate story in 3D and done sketch renderings of the floor plans that way - works well but not text or 2D info.

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