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Sliding pocket triple door.

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Double or triple pocket door (three parallel same side sliding doors) with door- shutter - insect protection.

It is possible to add three different doors at the same point and use reveal depth for adjustment but this makes the wall sides to show without end lines.

Gerald D Lock
Not sure if this is exactly what you'd wanted (ie. insect screen 'door' as 3rd leaf?) but I made these various triple pocket sliders in about 2 minutes using Cadimage Doors + Windows.

I've been using Cadimage Doors + Windows api for years now, and they are by far the best door & window solution for ArchiCAD.
Can't recommend them enough, and very affordable (about US$470 for a single-user licence). I'm not a rep for Cadimage - just giving credit where it's due.

Many previous employers have (predictably) asked:
1. "why isn't their code implemented as standard in ArchiCAD?"
2. "why should I buy another door / window tool when ArchiCAD already has one?"

Simple answers:
1. ArchiCAD supports 3rd party add-ons, allowing others to build on the solid base that is ArchiCAD (and there's copyright issues of course)
2. these guys do it WAY better
ArchiCAD 24 (build 5004)

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021) Apple M1 Pro 32GB RAM | MacOS 12.0.1

Melbourne, Australia

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Thank you for your reply. Notification was deactivated and that's why I was delayed.

I had already used the cadimage add-on the way you described!!!!! Made three different doors with a custom sash frame for the external sunshade.

There was a little problem in the 3D with the wall hole so I used a composite with an airgap in the middle. It did the trick.

Thank you again my friend.

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