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Switch individual stories & 4D stories

Paul King
I want to be able to completely switch off & on individual stories , and loosen the rigid 3D geometric stacking basis for stories - for example if the 3rd floor of a repeated building module has three variations , I want to model all three in the same file and geometric location, and be able to toggle the correct story version off or on depending on location within project, without introducing a new module within module for each & every permutation

This way, it is much simper to do the ongoing & regular global edits that affect all 3 options, and to keep textures, line styles , composites definitions etc synchronized.

When switched off, a story should occupy no stacking space (i.e. allow other stories to occupy that physical space in the stacking order) and not interact with the project in any geometric way - except for ghost/trace referencing purposes

When switched on and two or more active stories occupy the same geometric space, then the user should be made aware of this through graphical feedback (in case not deliberate), but an ability to use coincident and individually switchable stories shoud be permitted and would actually offer some powerful new options for organizing information and assembling and managing views of complex buildings (far better than modules and layers alone)

Some purists will struggle with anything beyond a literal and linear interpretation of what a story should be , and there is no reason they cannot keep working as before - but for the rest of us it stories are at the end of the day only containers and organizers of data, so it would be fantastic if for every "real" story stepping up a building there were multiple potential "virtual " stories able to be slid in sideways to the same spot.
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