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The ability to ignore a field in schedules and lists

Not applicable
When doing window schedules it would be great to be able to have the "Show uniform items as single entries" ignore a certain field for example the opening number. It would also be handy to have the option to show all the entries of that item in one cell. For example W01 has opening numbers 3, 5 & 9, then instead of showing each window individually it would show window W01 as a single entry and then in the opening number cell it would say 3, 5, 9.

Karl Ottenstein
To ignore the opening number (first wish) - just omit the field from the schedule. What else would you like to happen if the field is ignored?

Wish 2 is a different wish - not omitting, but collapsing the values for a particular field into one cell while ignoring that cell as far as uniform grouping. That could be useful at times for sure.
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