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Timeline ( preview animation )

I know that archicad is not intended to be animation tool, that I could go to Artlantis or any other rendering solution.BUT ArchiCAD has all the settings that are needed to have a "timeline" so that we can preview "live"_opengl_ in the 3d window the animation before lunching it.

Furthermore , Now, with the introduction of some rendering plugins , that could be of a real benefict.
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Do you mean a 4D/construction sequence animation as in Synchro or Navis?

I think this would be nice. Too bad it wasn't incorporated into the spec of the reno/demo features. It seems to me to it wouldn't have been too hard.

If you mean character animation, it might be a bit complicated to do a full featured version. Limited character animation (people walking, vehicles passing, cranes turning, doors opening) is possible now with GDL scripting.

Of course camera path animation has been available since as long as I can remember.

If you want to do really elaborate stuff it makes more sense to export to Cinema4D or Synchro or whatever.

Hi Matthew ,

I was actually referring to second one...Not that I don't care having a construction sequences but that is for another wish ( I think that that wish was recently discussed here in the forum ).

Actually the main thing is to control and check the camera movement "live" ( instead of going to the "show button" . Character animation, even with the limited stuff is not that bad to have..
AC12_20 |Win10_64bit|

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