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To be automatically dimensioned for detail in Schedule.

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I wish the Schedule to be automatically dimensioned for detail.
(Refer to the figure below.)

It is recommended to add a new command as an anchor for automatic dimensions. (for example, put then HOTSPOT{2} in door joint (red circle))

new command: (wish)
HOTSPOT{2} x, y, z [ScheduleDimension]

To be automatically dimensioned for detail in Schedule..JPG

Barry Kelly
I assume you are already familiar with the 'Automatic Dimension' option there know? (see image).
This can dimension certain points depending how you set it up.

I am assuming you want to dimension hotspots of your choosing?
It is an interesting idea but I don't think would work with the current choices.
It would need a new one to dimension custom hotspots.


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Dear Barry,
Thank you for your reply.
Because the pane size is not the same,
Often need a lot of manpower to mark,
I hope to reduce the processing time, and human error.

So i hope that GS can think of ways to implement.

I have been hoping for this with objects other than doors & windows. I have a panel in GDL which requires each one to be dimensioned with overall & opening sizes, I could save hours if this was automated.

The dimensioning process could be based on only referencing dynamic hotspots for dimensions which are parallel to the schedule projection plane?

Just a thought.
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After changing the size of the sash, it need to be re-mark.
It was so tired!

The following figure is my description

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Another wish:
The label can be associated with geometric methods.

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