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Wall and other construction elements visible on any story

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I've had this wish for a long time: make it possible for the wall and actually EVERY construction element to be visible on any story I choose it to be. Right now I cannot make it visible - and sometimes when I construct urban plans I use walls to draw parking lines for example - cannot make them visible later.. It's really frustrating. This also goes for some other elements.

Everything should be visible as we want it - we should be able to choose which story shows what (like we can now with axes for example!).

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Hey Cat. Did you found the solution to this Problem? Because I'm trying to do a flooplane Wish i would like e to See some objects from the flooplane under.

Wish they could come with a tool for this.

What about "FLOOR PLAN DISPLAY">"Show on Stories" is not working for you?
Richard Morrison, Architect-Interior Designer
AC25 (since AC6.0), Win10

I would also like to emphasize the importance of this option. It is actually not only for urban plans, but also for regular ones. An example is the attic on the second floor. On all the above floor there is not possibility to automatically show the attic, hence you must draw it with lines. Off course when changes come, you must manually update the lines in all the above stories.

A simple option but it can really help on reducing error and time to change information.
The BIMster @ AllesWirdGut
Currently: Archicad 24 & 22
User since Archicad 6.5 (2001)

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