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Window and Door parameters for rendering


and all other GDL experts that design windows and doors; it would be most helpful to people who use there models for rendering if the following criteria were applied to the design of ALL windows and doors regardless of there application or building type:

1. For sake of discussion, assuming wood windows in a residential application, the frame material, sash material, trim material, sill and apron material SHOULD be allowed to be set for color/material on the inside face independent of the outside face color/material.

2. While your at it, how about grouping ALL material settings together, this would also save time setting up for a rendering!

I have rarely seen an application in a residential design where the interior colors for windows are the same color as the exterior, that is not to say it does not happen....one need only look to many modern architecture examples to see the color on the outside of windows and doors matching the interior.

I'm not posting this request to start a design debate, rather just looking for flexibility in these parts that seem like an obvious improvement. I think for the most part the new GS Windows and Doors are pretty good, just want to have the flexibility.

This would be very helpful when going into Artlantis without having to create two separate files for rendering, i.e. ( doors and windows with exterior colors vs. doors and windows with interior colors ). Sure we could do a find and select and change colors for each window so that they all work for interior renderings or exterior renderings each time....but why should we have to?

KEYWORDS: productivity, flexibility!

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