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Wishes - New Feature Request for BIMx (Project Info control)


Hello GS team and fellow users


I want to post this wish / New Feature Request for BIMx for better "Project Info" control when publishing a BIMx Hyper-Model.


When we Publish the BIMx Hyper-Model from Archicad, we can activate to "Use Architect Creits in the BIMx Hyper-Model" but we can not exclude "Project Info" fields. We need better / full control of "Project Info" in Archicad when publishing to a BIMx Hyper-Model. 


It has become a priority for compliance with privacy / confidentiality legislation. With all the new laws about Privacy and protection / confidentiality of identity info, it has become important for us to carefully take all care of clearing "Project Info" fields from the Archicad file before we publish a BIMx to the Transfer website for sharing with clients & the project team. Especially for BIMx files that we post online in our portfolio or social media for marketing and even project specific confidentiality policies. We have to do the same even when we give BIMx files to our developer clients and their Sales Agents.


The problem is that this messes up our Masters Auto text so we have to duplicate the files or repeatedly import clean "Project Info" fields and re-import the actual project "Project Info" fields.


Request / suggestion:

Can we not get a tick box in "Project Info" to select the fields that can be included in the BIMx Hyper-Model when it is published? And a shortcut button from the "Publishing Set Properties" to the "Project Info" screen will further make this workflow even faster.


Francois Swanepoel

Hiking, Motorbiking, Good food, Gr8! Beer & excellent conversation 😉 - Architecture - BIM Implementation - ArchiCAD Training - LiDAR Digital Survey - Scan2BIM As-Built - Property Compliance - Virtual Reality Capture, Render Studio & Matterport Service Partner


YES PLEASE! I`ve had to delete all info from  every BIMx in Archicad and then republish before any of them could be advertised. WE NEED THIS!!! What would also be handy is some way to delete the info in BIMx itself, the BIMx program has way too few features, I can`t imagine adding/ removing text could take up that much space either.

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