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Wishlist | BIMcloud - Roles - Reserve All

Josh Verran

Wish there was a way to prevent certain people from "Reserving All" on Teamwork projects.

Thinking this could be a section under Roles on BIMcloud, so certain roles could be prevented from reserving all.

There's an aspect of staff training/knowledge, however a lot of time people just take a shortcut, rather than reserving the particular elements they need, just reserve all.


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I agree that "Reserve All" function should be hidden away from regular functions, because it is used only in certain cases quite rare while. Also if someone by mistake press "Reserve All" from our team automatically all other cannot work because file freezes for ~30min.

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Yes, but the idea is to communicate with each other so need to assign task for each user so they won't make a habit of reserving all. 😎

In the end what is your Objective?
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