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XML there, XML here, why can't ARCHICAD make a distinction

Sam Karli
as .xml gains usage as a description file format for everything else for ARCHICAD (I mean favorites, attributes, properties, maybe listing schemas), it should be very beneficial (or to be more concrete: crucial) to enable ARCHICAD to recognize every such xml and use it in an appropriate way and in an appropriate sequence.
I mean if I'm about to define a composite with properties an I want to add it as favorites, too, I have to define 3 xml's (and give it to, like, a Client) and it will be very complicated to describe them that at first open this .xml here, and after that that .xml there and after that that one over there.
Maybe all .xmls should be opened by one operation, or there should be some info when an .xml is for another part of program etc.

Like file formats in good old days.
GDL/Python dev

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