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Zone Tool-Construction Methods

This is not a really big deal wish, but I think it would be nice to have more flexible drafting methods for zones. I usually use this tool for land subdivisions (the zone table can include preliminary lot no. as well as the area, so fills are not the option) on a masterplan and it is really annoying when you need to draw quickly a cluster of rectangular lots as a sketch. I would be happy with a solution as below.

overlapping topic above - sorry, you beat me to it, I would love to use zones for everything rather than fills because they can do so much more, with a well-crafted stamp object (w. display options + zone settings + cover fills + colours independent of pens - there are tons of variables unavailable to fills)

But yeah, to draw a box like a slab or fill would be nice, or to boolean+/-, or scale-up/dn, etc.

Currently booleans with zones require defining a polygon point by point, unlike booleans with any other element.
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