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Geometry Conversion for IFC Export

Hi everyone, In several OpenBIM workflows with the IFC2x3 and IFC4 schema I have encountered the problem of the subdivision of Composite and Complex elements and with their parameters (Attributes and Properties) according to their IFC classification....

Bram by Participant
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Resolved! Composite adjustable thickness

Hello everybody, Can we have adjustable thickness to a composite? For example, I want to have a composite of "concrete-insulation-stone", instead of:150concrete-100insulation-50stone150concrete-50insulation-50stone150concrete-100insulation-100stone15...

Find & Select: Beam Slant Angle

Please can we have the Beam Slant Angle added to the Find & Select selection criteria. I just had the pleasure of modifying a complex roof framing drawing containing 70+ beams at various lengths & elevation heights with a small angle change (not imme...

Graphic Overrides - Line Category based

Hi!In Archicad we can't control the representation of every line in a custom way and this may cause problems in the representation (especially in sections): This kind of errors may be probably managed by just giving the possibility to override lines ...

Schermata 2021-10-01 alle 11.01.21.png Schermata 2021-10-01 alle 11.08.17.png

Upload license key

Why isn't there an option to upload license keys from a distance? It has happened a couple of times that we forget to upload our license key at home. And as a result we don't have enough license keys at work. There should be an option to upload a key...

This new community portal is not very functional..

Not sure this is the right place to post. Hopefully this post will cause some changes to happen. - Please have a form to "contact us" -- for example to contact forum moderators directly. This post would have been private if I had had the opportunity ...