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common lines of similar cover fills

It would be very useful if Archicad could hide in floor plan view the common line (where the elements touch each other) of two equal cover fills. Example: I have a slab and a mesh, with an edge in common, with the same cover fill. I would like Archic...

alemanda by Participant
  • 2 replies

Zone Updates

Nice easy request. Having selected a zone or zones, please can we then have the option under the (rt-clk) option menu to Update selected zones. I seem to spend too much time opening the update zones palette for minor alterations just close it again b...

test render flag

It would be very useful to add a sort of "flag" to the pictures generated as test render in order to close them all at once without the annoying procedure to answer everytime to the question "do you want to save?" I spent minutes to close all the pic...

alemanda by Participant
  • 0 replies

Filter in Hotlink Modules

It should be very useful to filter the Hotlink Modul by criterias like in interactive schedules or Find and Select command. For example to paste the Hotlink with only specified layers or IDs or element type .

Anonymous by Not applicable
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AC2x - Hide elements by GO

I wish archicad could allow us to hide single elements using the GOs. I think this could be got considering the layer as an attribute (like pen, fill, etc), assigning a temporary hidden layer via GOs. This would be very useful in many occasions ...

alemanda by Participant
  • 6 replies

clone folder and filter

It would be very good if there were some filters according to which we can filter what item to be cloned or not. 1. For example sections (or any other item - floors, elevations, interior elevations, worksheets, details ...) have reference ID. In clon...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

Define pen colours in GDL.

On multiple occasions now it would have saved a lot of time and bugs if it was possible to be able to define pen colours in GDL script. Surely if you're able to define fills and you can define pens for pen sets then it must be possible to define pens...

JGoode by Advocate
  • 10 replies

Perspective Distortion Correction & 3D update before render

Perspective Distortion correction & 3D model update before rendering must be available both in Saved 3D views and in Camera path. While Camera Paths have this update 3d model before rendering that allows objects in the model to face the camera in eve...

Curtain Wall

Hi all, By working now on curtain wall package I've found what is missing for real drawings production and would speed up the whole process: 1. Ability to create additional classes for frames and panels. Sometimes just to have 3 classes (boundary, mu...

Graphic Override Skin & Cut Pens

When I turn off skins with a solid colour fill override I end up with white lines in the published image. If we could assign a different pen colour to the skin lines then if required they can match the solid fill or display with a lighter pen than th...