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Resolved! Dynamic Array/Sequence tool

Construction elements are very often spatial configured in arrays with the implication that the individual elements shouldn't be regarded as mere copies without any other relationship but as members of a clearly defined system. Columns and beams, raf...

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Teamwork - Queue commands

It would really help if it was possible to queue up teamwork commands, such that once conditions that were preventing a teamwork operation resolve, a queued command such as send and receive, or release all, automatically occur straight away. Right no...

Visual Property & Classification Manager

I would suggest a different approach for Property and Classification management. Architects tend to be more visual oriented, so I would like this management to have a visual, grasshopper like UI, which would also have an integrated IFC property mappi...

Miha_M by Expert
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Resolved! Wishlist | Ability to show Solid operations in plan view

I feel like I'm missing something here, but when you perform a solid operation (for example: cut a flat area out of a sloping site mesh) you can see that affect in all views except plan views. My wish would be to have the ability to show all object a...

3D.png Elevation.png Plan.png Section.png

Resolved! Structural - Foundation tool

Dear Developer Team, Now, Archicad is more familar with Structural Engineer as it allow to export structural model for anlaysis. There are many structural element tools like beam, column, slab etc. as structural (load bearing) elements. There shall b...

Don't like this new UI for 'Community'

This new 'Community' was much better under the old Forum format. This new formant is too large and not information dense. It takes way too much 'next'. The hierarchical tree format was much more informative. I think I will just stop using this less f...