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Library Manager - show / sort by unused objects

A simple request - the embedded library can quickly become full of unused objects in Teamwork files - my wish is that there be a way to show objects that are embedded but not in use in the embedded library show that they can be cleaned out. At the mo...

Teamwork "show reservation by users issue"

When selecting the option to "show reservations by users" the color setting for "not reserved by anybody" is blue (at least on my workspace it is). This is a problem, because sometimes people chose blue as their personal color. When this happens one ...

Gus by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Remove the Morph tool

As title says - You should be ashamed of the Morph tool you have introduced. We are architects, not sketchuppers, we buy Archicad because we are professionals, therefore we want professional tools. Add a proper set of modeling tools and remove Morph,...

wastzzz by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

Pet Palette again

My dearest long standing wish is that 'drag' be removed from the pet palette. I've lost count of the number of times that I drag by accident. I'm curious: does anyone ever use the pet palette to drag an element?

Reserve button in Issue History

There's a really irritating thing in AC18 where you can open the issue history and create a New Issue, then add/ remove drawings for issue, set all the issue information and then you can't save it because you haven't reserved the Book Settings PLEASE...

Replicating a Scaled Fill

I would like to be able to replicate scaled fill from one part of a drawing on to another. If I use the dropper, to pick up the attributes, then use the magic wand to fill the boundary, my new fill knows that it's a scaled fill, but it then asks me f...


I wish improved wand recognition of the Z axis example: a hole in a mesh with multiple different elevation point wand the hole mouth without having mounted the axes Z

AC19 Tab Layer Settings

I am getting use to the new tab interface in Archicad 19. Switching from different tabs requires extra steps to restore the layers and renovation to the last opened view. In order for it to be useful, the tabs must be able to store the last layer com...