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Automatic Layer Recognition

Wouldn't it be nice to have an Automatic Layer Recognition on the LAYER COMBINATION. Whenever you hide layers the remaining layers will HIGHLIGHT an already created Layer Combination so you don't have to create new Layer Combination.

Zone Polyline Points Available to Zone Stamp

I think it would be extremely useful for a custom zone stamp to be able to read the bounding points of the zone as an array of X and Y coordinates. Given a zone is basically a polyline this doesn't seem like it should be too difficult. This would all...

Find and Select to include additional fields for search

Find and Select is great, but why doesn't it allow you to search for all fields that can be found in the Schedules? My wish would be that you can add additional fields in the Find and Select dialog. Or have it include all fields by default for the gi...

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Tree by current issue to include Master layouts in use

I've recently discovered the option to show drawings in current issue only - the 'Tree by current issue' option. This is great, but would be even better if it included the master layouts associated with the drawings in the current issue. Or have it a...

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Small improvements for GDL editor interface

I think the GDL editor has become quite outdated. Nemetcheck borrowed gdl editor used for its smartpart looks much better. I would propose an easier writing in the gdl editor with commands indicators and color highliting, such as nemetcheck allplan. ...

Allplan smartpart interface.jpg

Wish - door accessories for disabled and 2D representation

See screenshot - wish to have door accessories that can be customised in size and shown/hidden in 2D via MVO and scheduled. Currently showing 2D elements which need to be moved independently when door moves. Required for disabled doors in pretty much...

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