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Elements placed on unseen stories

When placing objects, walls, etc where their home storey is not the current storey an 'Information' dialog pops up warning "As the result of the last operation, Elements have been created and/or changed their position on currently unseen stories." UN...

Apply button

I would like to have an 'Apply' button added to the 'Selection Settings' window to see the effect right away. Now you have to make your settings, click 'OK' and see if it alright. If it's not allright you have to into the settings again.

TYPE of windows and doors

WISH: Make defined "type" of doors, windows, skylights etc. OK, for me this is extremely essential. STORY: At the moment I'm working on a residential project of 500 apartments (35 apartments layout definitions) in 3 buildings, 40 000 sqm. Each buildi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 16 replies

Dimension Witness Line Linetypes

The ability to control the linetype of the Witness Line, Especially the ability to make the Witness Line a Centerline, per graphics standards

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Math operations in tracker

Note sure if it wasn't before. It would be great to have a ability to enter value for move/copy/rotate/elevate/etc in the tracker using simple math operations like: =124,5*3 enter =620/7 enter =136+87 enter =1657-589 Even more, when using multiply an...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 4 replies

Automatic responses to error/warning messages

I'll often start a process that I know will take some time (such as publishing or opening a large teamwork project). I'll then often step out to do something else (meeting, coffee, etc) Quite often when I return, I expect to find the file open and re...

Location from web maps ( like Google Maps)

It would be nice to set location of the project FROM maps like Google Maps (Open Street Maps, Bing or what ever other internet maps) by dragging the pin in the right place. Although current showing location on Google Maps is handy, it doesn't really ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 3 replies

major developments on dimensioning tool

1) The dimension points should have "hard", and editable connectoins to the dimensioned elements. Because, now the connection is "soft": you can only see a blink of the dimensioned hotspot, showing only the position. But you cannot see whether is it ...

sityu by Newcomer
  • 9 replies

Simple adding pictures to an GDL-Object for the UI..

It would be one of my big wishes at Graphisoft to build a simple possible way to add pictures to existing elements - because if you are working deep in the developing process - it is simply not possible to know all pictures you will need later in You...

Opening a Project

In the opening file choosing dialog during archicad startup I suggest changing the two radio buttons check boxes into browse buttons. This process should be one click and not two clicks. The buttons would be - Start a New Project - Browse to a Teamwo...

gdford by Booster
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