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Simple adding pictures to an GDL-Object for the UI..

It would be one of my big wishes at Graphisoft to build a simple possible way to add pictures to existing elements - because if you are working deep in the developing process - it is simply not possible to know all pictures you will need later in You...

Opening a Project

In the opening file choosing dialog during archicad startup I suggest changing the two radio buttons check boxes into browse buttons. This process should be one click and not two clicks. The buttons would be - Start a New Project - Browse to a Teamwo...

gdford by Booster
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Zone Stamps - Multiple stamps per zone

It would be nice and very handy to have multiple associative zone stamps per zone. Typically we find that the zone stamp location and content need to vary between all of the basic plan views. We fix this currently with dumb text, but this just makes ...

gdford by Booster
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Hockey Rinks

Don't you Hungarians play hockey? Could we have an ArchiCAD object for NHL and International hockey please. I think every other sport has been covered. Excepting this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_hockey_rink

Mesh Tool: Ridge line Offset and dZ button

On a mesh we have the ability to move, copy, even multiply contour lines and ridges. We cannot offset them though. Offset would be a very powerful feature for modeling roads. Also when you select a ridge (line with points that have different heights)...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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ID field character limit

The current ID field character limit is rather restrictive. I for one would find it helpful to see it extended to at least 32 characters or even aligned with other tag elements that allow up to 256 characters. The extended field could then be used to...