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Profile-Editor made profiles for GDL

PLEASE - Graphisoft-People! Make it possible to use normal profiles - from profile-maker - within GDL with normal 3D-commands like Extrude, revolve, sweep and main usable for Tube. Even when the profile consists many different hatches - it should be ...

Minimal Space to be individually shown

Minimal space is a feature that in some cases can become a useful tool, not only during design phase, but also on final drawings. For example for disable bathrooms, where you need a minimal circulation space around door and fixtures. Why isn't it pos...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

Open in Finder/Explorer button in the Publisher report

It would be really useful and I assume fairly simple to implement a little button that would show you a selected published file in Finder and or Explorer. Architectural Offices frequently have labyrinthian file structures which are not determined by ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

Please create new Polygone command in GDL!!!

Until now it is a real large scripting work necessary, if You want to make an editable polygon in GDL - and with this thing - it is not the same workflow as it is used in normal Archicad-tools like line or slab. Within the Change-Marker - there is a ...

Divide in Section/elevation

could be interesting to enable this feature in the elevation/section windows. For dividing the wall height as an exemple /columuns/ beams.

TMA_80 by Contributor
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dependent hotspots..

Please make it possible that hotspots are able to be linked to the points of other elements like it is functioning in the dimensioning-tool. If a hotspot is dragged to the point of a slab - the slab should be highlighted - and this coordinates should...

editable hotspots in gdl-scripts - EASIER!

My wish: make easier usable and understandable commands for editable hotspots! till now it is nescessary to write like this for one single hotsot to drag: !! somwhere above: unID = 1 !! and later: HOTSPOT2 0, 0, unID, EVEKTOR, 1+128 :unID=unID+1 !BAS...

Stair text

Is there a way I can show stairs with stair text on at 1/4" scale, but no text at site plan scale, for instance 1'=10'. Thanks.


Graphic display of favourites and easier editing and renaming. Maybe similar to attributes editing dialogue box

Tim Ball by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Linking to information outside the BIMx-file

Hello dear ArchiCAD community. One of my customers (a small contractor) has embraced the idea of using BIMx-docs all the way. But it has turned out impractical to add ALL information in the BIMx-docs file. An idea was born to add an external webb url...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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