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Visual, Criteria based, Configurable Legends

I am wishing for the capability of creating visual, criteria based, configurable Legends in ARCHICAD. There are many cases where architects create legends. Some of these: * Space plans: rooms/zones with different purpose are displayed with different ...

BimComponents: change editorial workflow

Thank You for Your work on fixing the problems on the searchenginene on Bimcomponents. This - it really was... ... ok - when its solved now! But let me incite an important issue: - You should give the developer more control on the uploadet library-pa...

Show selection on 2D

Wish: Option to show in 2D an element selected in 3D or section/elevation. Sometimes you discover an element you don't really know who, where and why was drawn by you/your college when working. Finding this element on plan view is sometimes tricky so...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 3 replies

My dream for archicad

je crois a une revolution d'archicad mais je travail avec se logiciel depuit 2006 et j'ai veçu sont evolution de puit la varsion 10 et j'ai remarqué que archicad avais un devlopement long je souhaite que Graphisoft crée des versions intermédiaires po...

Ecodesigner Thermal Bridges

I guess it will be useful to directly link a dimension to the lenght of a thermal bridge. For example right click on the dimension and have an option of linking to a thermal bridge and then a menu appears with the thermal bridges available. Also in c...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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New Custom Template with Every New Version of ArchiCAD

Updating one's template with every new version of ArchiCAD is a pain, mainly because you never know how the software has been improved each year and therefor you never know if your "updated template" jives with the updated software. It's the not know...

Gus by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Grid rouler

Hello! Would it not be nice to have a ruler (like the one we already have) that instead of showing measurement units showed the grid system? In that way you could quickly see what grid lines you where working around. Nice for navigation and communica...

Edit Hotlink Modules in Place

I would like the ability to be able to edit the hotlink module from its place of insertion and these changes to update all other instances of the same hotlink. I find it difficult to adjust a hotlink without its reference, it is not easy to trace and...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 9 replies

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