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Scroll the toolbox with mouse wheel

wouldn't it be interesting if it were possible to scroll the toolbox like we do in the information box with the mouse scrool?It seems much faster to me than opening and closing the toolbox tabs, or even making it larger horizontally to show all the i...

juliocfn by Contributor
  • 7 replies


Is there a hidden set of custom Archicad IFC property sets?Does anyone know about this?Where is this list and how is it Typed to IFC - Is there documentation of this?

gdford by Advisor
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Redshift render settings needed in help files.

I have just had the opportunity to test a machine with a decent graphics card that can make use of the Redshift render engine. I found that the images all seemed a little over-exposed, so I thought I would check out the HELP files to see if there was...


window reveal line thickness in section

I can't find any setting to adjust reveal line thickness for a window in section. While everything looks neat in floor plans - where the wall reveal has covered thermal insulation and plaster finish layer, in a section I have several problems:1) I ha...

window_floor plan.JPG window_section.JPG

Resolved! Skylight Tools

I simply would like to put a skylight in my roof like this....Using the roof tool I put the composite roof on top of these beams and then added a layer of 1x6 timber between the metal sheeting up top.  Underneath I built a frame for the skylight. The...

Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 12.49.30 AM.png Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 12.54.17 AM.png Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 12.55.01 AM.png
Paa by Booster
  • 4 replies

Archicad 26 review

I guess a review is another way of saying wishes, right? Here's my review of Archicad 26:

Resolved! Change floor maintaining position

On some occasions, when modeling in 3D, out of haste or comfort, I place objects or mep parts at heights much higher or lower than the floor level. So then they don't show up on the floor. When I change them to the corresponding floor these objects m...