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Input memory in "Elevate" and "Multiply" tools

Would be nice if Archicad can remember latest input that were made in "Elevate" and "Multiply" tools. Every time I open new Archicad window it always roll backs to default values. For example I use Multiply > Drag > Spread function that have default ...


Masonry modelling

Does Archicad provide a tool for modelling masonry walls? Not just a composite wall but actually modelling the blocks and mortar along with opening rebated blocks etc? If not it seems to be quite an omission given the amount of blockwork used in cons...

Layer View on/off Control

The latest Layer Settings layout is not helping workflows. It is correct that the individual layer controls are better placed to the right of the layer name, but the view on/off icon is still on the left ! This current split arrangement is leading to...

AC26 Layers.png AC25 Layers.png

BIMx Sun Position and Archicad sun settings

Hi,it will be great if we can export the BIMx model with the Archicad sun settings (date and time) instead of the actual presettings according to Cast shadows in BIMx Mobile - Graphisoft Community:The default position of the slider is in the middle, ...

_Salmon by Contributor
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Using label for drawings on layout

The label tool is powerful until we get to problems like labeling drawings‚ or other elements not included in the tool. I believe that labels should be able to annotate everything, one potential use case would be labeling drawings in layout, showing ...

Preview 2 - Floating attributes menu

Hi, Maybe there is something wrong, but thhis palette looks the same like 26.1yes it stretches up when the attribute list is too long, but it's behaviour is strange and she always pop up in a crazy way, i have to guess how and where and how long it w...


AC## update - "List of Improvements"

I was just wondering in the "List of Improvements" for updates, if we might in addition to the list of DEF-#### entries start to see actual "Improvements" listed e.g. IDEA-####? It might offer a little more reassurance that Graphisoft doesn't just sp...

Archicad library improvements

Goodday fellow Graphisoft family users. Kindly take time to assist me as Student of Architecture university, and advice of; Your Best Library extension or addition website or extention into App.... Mainly my issue is falling in around Landscaping as ...

Radial Gradient Fill - Transparency

Just been trying to use the Radial fill to isolate part of an image, unfortunately using transparency defaults to the outside regardless of the concentric rings, which means the bit I want to see is hidden. 1. Please enable moving the rings to invert...