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Timeline ( preview animation )

I know that archicad is not intended to be animation tool, that I could go to Artlantis or any other rendering solution.BUT ArchiCAD has all the settings that are needed to have a "timeline" so that we can preview "live"_opengl_ in the 3d window the ...

TMA_80 by Contributor
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Download resume function for remote Teamwork access

I believe Teamwork should have the ability to resume the initial sign-in download when connecting remotely. Currently(AFAIK anyway) there is no way to resume the sign in if the connection goes down half way through downloading the teamwork file for t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Fixed Arched Window?

Is there such a thing as a Fixed Arch Window? I can't seem to find it in the AC16 Library... (sorry, project stuck in 16).. So, I know that thinking, just use the Arched CASEMENT window.... Good thought, but you CANNOT turn off the 2d Display of the ...

Choose a Trace Reference from an external source

Selecting a trace reference is currently limited to internal references only. If I want to use another ArchiCAD project file as a trace reference, I have to follow this work-flow: 1. save each view in a Drawing Tool-compatible format (dwg, pmk etc.) ...

Choose Trace wish.jpg

Door/Window Framing

Concept: Door/Window Parameters for framing members? While AC17 may have some new ways of doing things, up to AC16 the complex wall profiles have allowed me to have basic horizontal wall plates automatically generated in all sections which helps to k...

MSotero by Participant
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Morphed ceiling with control points and beams that follow it

It would be great to make such roofs as my friend needs: It would be awesome if it could be done as it is possible in Revit but maybe in much more ArchiCAD-easier way . Video with Revit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VaDVVrEm8o Please Graphisoft t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Merge layers

There should be an option to merge layers and all the elements should automatically go to that layer. (So we don't have to deal with thousands of layers from the engineers)

Sliding Glass door-Multipanel

Would like a multi panel sliding glass door, ie you could select the amount of panels and their size AND slide on way OR slide half one way and the other half the other way. Also would like a pocketing option. Also would like a corner connection opti...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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